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The Full Story


Who I am. I am a learning experience designer with a background in teaching, curriculum and tech. My literature degree showed me the power of words, and it has made me more intentional about how I use them to promote positive learning outcomes. Working in EdTech helped me hone my tech skills and develop a deep appreciation for how technology can help people learn, grow, and connect. I am passionate about using all of the tools at my disposal to help others reach their full potential.

The Process

 I always put people at the center of my process. To design learning solutions that are elegant and effective, I do my best to identify what people are struggling with and what I can do to help ease that pain. Once I’ve identified that solution, I use a design approach that incorporates user testing and data analysis. This results in a user-focused product that responds adaptively as needs change.

The Vision

I am all about growth and results. If you or your organization would like to leverage modern learning experiences that help people reach their full potential, I am confident that we can design compelling solutions.

But really... who am I?

Nature enthusiast, explorer, dreamer, artist, author, designer, kitchen dancing enthusiast- just a few descriptions that capture me - I believe in living a life that is intentional and genuine. Both personally & professionally, my core qualities & values ring throughout every thing I do. To get a holistic sense of who I am, check out some of my treasured life moments below.

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